This Couple Was Photographed After Hackers Broke into Their Webcam

It was a normal night for Chelsea Clark as she spent the night at her boyfriend’s house. The two were laying in bed watching Netflix on his PC laptop.

When she logged into Facebook the next day she noticed a strange message from a name she did not recognize.  The message was from a profile named Mahmoud Abdo, and attached were multiple photos of her and her boyfriend sleeping from the night before. The eerie caption said “Realy,cute couple” followed by an emoji with heart

Someone had hacked into the webcam on her boyfriend’s computer and taken photos of the couple while they lay in bed that night.

Shocked and afraid, Chelsea began to do some digging and found that the person who sent her the messages was located in Cairo, Egypt. Unfortunately they had already deleted their profile.

According to the Vice, online security professionals urge people to use some sort of computer protection plan in order to prevent webcam hackers.