The Weirdest Beaches on Earth We Want to Visit Now

Who doesn’t love a nice beach day? Beaches are beautiful places where two different landscapes meet in gorgeous harmony, but even those glistening shores and sparkling sunsets have their critics.

“What’s the big deal?” they presumably say. “They’re just a bunch of sand and water.”

For those skeptics, we offer the¬†weirdest beaches on Earth. These aren’t just a bunch of sand and water, but a whole lot more (but mostly sand and water). They’re truly surreal places that look straight out of an interplanetary sci-fi or classic fantasy movie.

We’ve included some brief descriptions explaining how the beaches got that way to prove that they are real, no matter how fake a beach with green sand looks, or one with dragon eggs scattered all over. Hopefully, we’ll get to visit these wonders of nature someday to see them in person.

View the slideshow above.