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The World’s Weirdest Cups of Coffee Are Disgusting, Probably Delicious

Most of us love a good cup of coffee on a weekday morning to pick us up and keep us awake until we can collapse into bed once more. It helps that we have access to so many options — from Starbucks to grocery stores to Keurig machines.

But there are a few options we guarantee most of you have never heard of, or even contemplated they might exist. The weirdest cups of coffee in the world are sometimes disgusting and sometimes delicious, but always fascinating.

Scroll through for more info on each cup of coffee.

Coffee Poured Over Cheese – Finland

Kaffeeost is a Finnish specialty of coffee poured over cubes of cheese. There’s an involved process to making the cheese, wherein curdled milk is formed into a disc and baked until browned, and then sliced into cubes.

Coffee in Edible Cups – Los Angeles

Alfred Coffee in Los Angeles is known for serving coffee in waffle cone cups, including chocolate tops to keep the coffee from soaking through the cone and impart a chocolatey flavor to your cuppa.

Butter Coffee – Singapore, Tibet, California

Singaporeans often add butter to their coffee for a richer flavor. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey brought the idea of what he calls “bulletproof coffee” to California after he tried yak butter coffee in Tibet. Tibetans make their concoction by blending yak butter, coffee, and MCT oil.

Big Cat Coffee, Made from Cat Feces – Indonesia

A rare Indonesia drink called Kopi Luwak or civet coffee is made from the feces of a local cat that loves to eat coffee beans. Its supporters claim the coffee has one of the most unique flavors on Earth, and apparently the enzymes in the cat’s digestive tract do alter the proteins. The coffee has no acidic taste, and is actually safe to eat, as makers wash and cook the beans at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The average cup costs about $50.

Egg Coffee – Vietnam

Cà Phê Trứng is served throughout the Vietnamese city of Hanoi. It tastes like a silky coffee custard, made from egg yolk and condensed milk whipped together before local coffee is poured on top and allowed to mix into the concoction.

Monkey Spit Coffee – Taiwan

Formosan Rock Monkeys on the island of Taiwan tend to destroy coffee crops by stealing coffee cherries and sucking on them for flavor. Creative farmers discovered the monkey spit beans had a unique vanilla flavor, creating coffee with a delicious aftertaste. Unfortunately, the drink is very rare and unavailable in the US.

Coffee Wine – Florida

FriendsFunWine decided to mix two vices into one. No word on if their drinks are delicious or disgusting, but they’ll definitely give you a buzz.

Coffee Made from the Feces of the Jacu Bird – Brazil

Not to be outdone by Indonesians, Brazilian growers use the feces of a local pest and bean-lover called the Jacu bird, a turkey-like creature. A poud of Jacu bird coffee is available for online purchase at only $13 a pound. Supposedly, like its Indonesian counterpart, this cuppa removes coffee’s bitterness without imparting a crappy flavor.

Fiery Waterfall Coffee – Mexico

Puerto Peñasco’s The Lighthouse restaurant serves their signature coffee with panache. A mixture of tequila, Kahlua, and coffee are set on fire by a waiter, who then pours the fiery liqueur from one glass to another before serving you your extra-hot cuppa, with added cream and a burning cherry on top.

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