Weirdest Japanese Snacks We Secretly Want to Try

Japanese culture is just plain weird, as we’ve addressed before. They have a high sense of honor and propriety, but that conflicts with the bizarrely sexualized world of Japanese animation and other forms of entertainment.

We now present a new facet of Japanese culture that we can all collectively scratch our heads at: food — specifically, snack food.

Everyone knows sushi and even shabu, but most of Japan’s cultural contributions to the field of cuisine haven’t been exported abroad, and with good reason. The foods you’ll find at a Japanese convenience store border on the surreal, often combining American brands with local flavors to make concoctions that are either disgusting or delicious. We’d have to take a trip to Tokyo to find out, but we don’t have that kind of money, unfortunately.

For now, we’re just puzzling over the weirdest Japanese snacks we could find, trying to imagine how snacks as bizarre as roasted baby crabs or wasabi Kit Kats might taste. We can only wonder, but we thought we’d share the slideshow with you.

Scroll through it above, or look through one of our older Japan slideshows below.

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