14 Weirdest-Looking McDonald’s Locations in the World

McDonald’s probably makes you think of the dollar menu, addicting French fries, and the iconic Golden Arches.

The fast food giant serves millions of people everyday, but with locations in over a hundred countries, it makes sense they’d have some unusual — sometimes bizarre –international menu items. You’ve probably heard of a few of the odd food options they have to offer in other coutries.

However you likely haven’t seen the unusual architectural designs that the fast-food company has used at some locations. Most McDonald’s restaurants look pretty much the same, with only small variations. But around the world, there are some pretty crazy-looking Mickey D’s that are barely recognizable.

Click through the slideshow above to view the whacky and weirdest-looking McDonald’s locations.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Barbed wire doesn’t exactly scream an invitation to stop in, but it’s the only McDonald’s in Cuba. It’s only available to the personnel of the U.S. naval base.

Vinita, Oklahoma

Not only does this McDonald’s look more like some kind of big box warehouse store, but it boasts the title of “World’s Largest.”

Sedona, Arizona

Sure there are arches, but aren’t they supposed to be golden? Teal seems a little off-brand for the massive chain.

Bray, Ireland

This McDonald’s reminds us of classic European architecture — not at all the shiny-sleek modern aesthetic you usually see while ordering a Big Mac.

Freeport, Maine

Homemade McDonalds? Kind of! This restaurant is placed in a house that was built in the 1850s. It offers lobster rolls and a cozy fireplace.

Melbourne, Australia

Does this unusual McDonald’s come with Art Deco fries?

Kristiansand, Norway

While gorgeous, this Norwegian location looks more like a historic bank than a burger joint.

New Hyde, New York

If not for the tiny sign over the doorway, there would be no way to tell this was a McDonald’s.

Dallas, Texas

While easy to spot, this weird building looks more like a Happy Meal box than a restaurant.

Barstow, California

In tribute to the age of the locomotive, this McDonald’s carries out its business from train carriages.

Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell was made famous for the allegations of UFO and extra-terrestrial activity, so it is only fitting that the local McDonald’s is styled like a flying saucer.

Milan, Italy

This is perhaps the most ornate McDonald’s location ever.

Negev Desert, Israel

Unlike other branches, this is one of the few kosher McDonald’s in the world.

London, England

This looks so refreshingly updated and modern that it would be cool if this were the new trend for more McDonald’s locations!