SLIDESHOW: The Weirdest Things to Ever Wash Up on Beaches

It’s summer, so we should all be hitting the closest beach for some fun in the sun, right?

Sorry, but we have to ruin that for you too, for the beach can be a pretty weird place at time. All around the world, there are unsettling cases of the most random assortment of items washing ashore, whether they be dead squids or giant Lego men.

If you think your local beach is safe from such terrifying phenomenon as severed feet still in sneakers washing up with the tide, don’t be too sure, since these cases are spread all across the globe.

Of course these are extremely rare cases, but they certainly make us want to wear close-toed shoes the next time we visit the ocean — even if we look like nerds, we won’t step on a dead manta-ray.

Click through the slideshow above of the weirdest things to wash up on shore to see the full list.