Can Someone Please Explain What’s Going on in This Video?

Performance art, when implemented well, can capture its audience unlike any other medium.

But we don’t even know what to say about what’s happening in the video above. I mean, we’re usually pretty open to just about everything we come across on the Internet, but what the hell?

Sure, art comes in many shapes and forms, and performance art is no exception. It’s truly an unconventional medium in itself.

Although we’re not supposed to always understand what a piece is about (or why it was created), we are completely lost on this one. Can someone please explain? Anyone? If so, we would be forever grateful, even if our minds have already been destroyed from trying to unravel the significance of this visionary oddity.

Oh, and be forewarned: things get really interesting around the 0:55 mark.

Watch the weirdest video ever above.