Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Robin Williams’ Funeral

You probably know the Westboro Baptist Church as the politically-active anti-gay group that pickets the funerals of fallen soldiers. Now, we have yet another reason to hate them, if you didn’t already have enough.

The Church is currently threatening to picket recently deceased actor and comedian Robin Williams’ funeral . Members of the church have already disrupted several  vigils held in his honor in San Francisco.

They even went so far as to call the beloved Williams a “fag pimp,” because he’s portrayed a gay character in The Birdcage and a cross dresser in Mrs. Doubtfire. The tweet denouncing him is printed below.

Williams died on Monday at the age of 63, leaving behind wife Susan Schneider and three children, as well as thousands of grieving fans.

Even President Obama paid tribute to the actor in the wake of his passing – but it seems that the Westboro Baptist Church can’t let anyone mourn in piece.

The Westboro Baptist Church recently suffered the death of its founder Fred Phelps, but continues to be as active as ever. They are also carrying out a campaign targeting Facebook, Apple and Google called “God hates media.” The irony that they’re using social media to promote this campaign is lost on them, like most other ironies.