Whaling, Vine’s Latest Trend Is as Ridiculous as You’d Expect

Do you remember Tebowing? What about planking? Or even Lebroning? Me neither.

There’s a new confounding social media fad you’ll briefly be aware of before totally forgetting it and continuing to live an enriching life. Like most of these trends, this one comes from the youth-dominated social media site Vine and goes by the name of “whaling.”

How does it work? Essentially, you imitate a humpback whale breaching the water by diving backwards in a public or unusual place, film yourself, and post it online to fulfill your desperate need to be a part of something (no matter how insignificant).

And that’s whaling.

Vine users might be trying to imitate everyone’s favorite marine mammal (sorry, dolphins), but it looks like most are just slipping on banana peels while having a seizure and throwing out their backs, as whales tend to do.

How long will this latest social media fad last? Possibly until solar flares leave the Earth a scorched, lifeless wasteland or perhaps before this post even goes live on the site, rendering all this text completely irrelevant.

Not to fear though, this meme will soon be replaced by one of equal or lesser value, providing another brilliant use of time for people with nothing better to do. They need to occupy their time somehow, or they might be forced to do homework, work towards a cure for cancer, or even read Moby Dick to better understand the actual definition of whaling.

Really, the most important question is what the next social media trend will be. Points to anyone who manages to predict it.

I’ll even give it a shot:

  • Slothing – this would involve hanging upside down in a public place, moving very slowly and falling asleep for days at a time.
  • Cricketing – hopping around outside strangers’ windows in the middle of the night while screeching every two seconds.
  • Snaking – taping your arms to your sides and your legs together, possibly with a rattle between your feet, crawling around and occasionally shaking the rattle and hissing at people.
  • Anteating – you would, well, eat ants.