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What Are the 9 Commandments of the United Church of Bacon?

The United Church of Bacon has 9 commandments to follow that will ensure a life filled with joy… and bacon.
The worship center has over 4,000 members, all who love bacon and spread the word of the ‘bacon God.’
Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the church performs weddings and funerals, according to their website.

Officiants in the United Church of Bacon can perform legal weddings for those who don’t want God in their ceremony. We’ll bring creative suggestions to make your wedding even more magical. Or if you already have a plan, we will follow your lead. We also preside over baptisms, funerals, and other events.

The church was founded by John Whiteside in 2010, an atheist who wanted to stop the discrimination against atheists. He is now referred to as Bacon Prophet John.
Many other church groups and religious leaders have criticized the Church of Bacon especially after they put up billboards all over the Las Vegas area. However, Whiteside and his fellow bacon lovers are continuing on their journey to bacon righteousness.
The 9 bacon commandments:

  1. Be skeptical
  2. Respect boundaries
  3. Normalise atheists
  4. Normalise religion
  5. Have fun
  6. Be good
  7. Be generous
  8. Praise bacon
  9. Pay taxes

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