What Are the Best Restaurants in Your City?

Calling all FTKers! We’re looking for the best restaurants in your area so that other readers can try them out, too. From the hottest new deluxe dining destination to the coolest hole-in-the-wall with fabulous food, we want to know about all of them!

Tell us what you like about these places— from the amazing cuisine and great service, to what makes them cool, fun, exciting, or chic. Let everyone know why it’s a must-hit destination for other readers.

Things to KnowFood trucks in New York

1. This is an unpaid gig. We’re doing this to help promote new, independent businesses get national attention.

2. Avoid listing major chain restaurants. This is about finding unique eats and experiences, not grabbing a meal readers can find in any city.

We’re looking for six restaurants total, two from each category. Have more or less than that? Let us know. We’ll find a way to make it work.

*High-End Destinations

These are places you’d go on a date, take the parents, or for one of those big treat nights. It doesn’t have to only be about the food, it should be as much about the total experience as anything else.

*Solid Selections

Great restaurants that are well-priced, serve incredible food, and places you hit all the time because they’re just wonderful. It can be well known by everyone in the city or one of those destinations that only foodies are discovering. It can be a new find or an old dive that still rocks. Whatever you consider to be a solid find in the city.

*Secret StashesTell us the best restaurants in your city

These are those “locals only” places. They can be any budget and any type of food or food item, they just have to be a destination you adore and that every person in the city must hit. Maybe it’s a food truck for their tofu Korean taco, a coffee house that brews the perfect cafe con leche, a cupcakery deserving to be known, or an A-list spot that is a quintessential representation of all that’s good in your city.

Submit your six Quick Picks to editor@firsttoknow.com and we may use them for the column.

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