What Caused This Celeb to Breastfeed a Complete Stranger’s Baby?

Would you nurse another mom’s baby? This celebrity didn’t even have to think twice about it.

Back in 2009, Hollywood actress Salma Hayek was visiting Sierra Leone, Africa, when she met a woman who was unable to feed her baby. Although the baby was in perfect health, the mother did not have any milk.

Without even hesitating, Hayek, who was currently weaning her toddler daughter, offered to breastfeed the stranger’s baby.

She was completely unaffected by the fact cameras were rolling and that people with opinions would make sure to¬†get a few words in. While some parents have applauded her for the ‘selfless’ act of cross nursing, others have called it ‘disgusting’ and believe breastfeeding is a bond that should be kept between a mother and her child.

You can watch the video of her experience above.