What Disney Princesses Would Look Like in Real Life

Disney loves drawing pretty cartoon princesses that little girls can obsess over, wishing and wishing they could be them. A ridiculous thought, since we all know you can’t become a cartoon (although that technology may be invented someday down the line).

Now, however, young girls can model themselves after more realistic models of their favorite characters. These illustrations update the different Disney princesses to imagine exactly what they might look like if they were transported to our flesh-and-blood universe, just like in Enchanted. Of course, they all look very pretty, since Disney animators don’t like drawing ugly characters unless they’re evil, as we all know.

The art is from Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan as part of his college work at the Arts University College in Bournemouth. We’d say he’s got some serious talent to create these unique portrayals.

Scroll through the slides above depicting what Disney princesses would look like in real life.

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