What Does Your Heart Line Have to Say About You & Your Past, Present & Future?

The science of palmistry goes back a couple of thousands of years ago and has been a part of cultures in Tibet, China, Sumeria, India, ancient Israel and Babylonia.

Some of the most talented palmists have been said to have the power to know exactly what a person is all about by reading a palm’s attributes. In the case of the heart line, it has been said that it reveals how you love and the way you relate to others.

For the sake of this exercise, you’ll want to look carefully at your dominant hand. If you’re right handed, refer to your right hand and vise-versa. Check out the image at the top of this article to locate your heart line, and then decide which one best resembles yours (A, B, C, or D).

Now here’s where it gets fun!

what does your heart line say about you

A) If you’re most resembles A, you were born to be a leader. You don’t need anyone to pave the way for you, as you are the perfect mix of ambitious, intelligent, and independent. In love, you may be a bit selfish and want your way too often. This is true between the sheets as well. If you are going to have a relationship that lasts, it’s important that you take a step back and analyze yourself. Do you need to learn to be more giving? Are you doing things to chase away the love of your life?

The secret to your success is to open your eyes to the fact that there are many more perspectives than your own in the world. Adopt a spiritual practice of some sort (yoga and meditation would be perfect) and dare to find more humility. Not only will you be happier when you tame your ego, you’ll also find greater levels of success.

B) You are most likely the most trustworthy of the bunch. You care about others and want to see everyone get a fair shot. It may take you a while to connect with new people and you tend to be weary of the intentions of others, but once you let someone in you’re in it for life.

In love, you tend to be sensuous and love to be romanced. You’re also wowed by those who have fantastic minds. If you’re single, be patient in finding your ideal partner. The connection you’re seeking is out there and settling will kill your spirit. In a relationship? Make sure you’re communicating clearly and asking for support. When you give far more than you get, the soul becomes weary.

C) You are very similar to that of A, but you are more likely to have a successful love life. If you listen to your heart, you’ll find yourself in the very best possible situations in life. You’ll go to work with a smile on your face and be excited to return to your passionate home. You make a great provider, both materially and emotionally. The key for you is balance. Seek it and you will find abundance.

D) You tend to be quite patient and caring. You wear your heart on your sleeve and rarely intentionally inflict pain on others. This is beautiful in many ways, but you can easily get your heart broken. Sometimes you withdraw when you’ve been hurt and it takes a long time for you to return to civilization.

The key to your success is to allow your head to enter into your pursuits. Don’t let your soft heart lead you down the path of fear. Try moving out of your comfort zone as much as possible — this will lead you to a more balanced and fulfilling existence. And whatever you do, choose a partner who seeks peace — otherwise you will be buried alive.

The following is an informative video that provides a wealth of information on this topic.