What Kinds of Things Is Each Country in the World Known For?

If you were to randomly ask people on the street what certain¬†countries around the world are known for, you would most likely get a varying degree of answers. Most peoples’ answers would probably be based off of stereotypes or something they heard on the evening news.

On the world map below, Doghouse Diaries exhibits what each country is in the lead for.

At first glance, you will notice that some countries aren’t necessarily known for pleasant triumphs. In the United States, people don’t know how to operate a lawnmower — statistics show that, on average, lawn mower accidents cause 95 fatalities annually. You’ll also see that Russia is ready for the next World War, you know, since they have tons of raspberries and nuclear warheads.

From making babies to being struck by lightning, this map is definitely a clever and candid way to look at our world.

Check it out below.

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