WATCH: Go Inside the Dark, Torturous World of a Gay Conversion Therapy Camp

The gay community has made many strides over the years, but there are still those people wracked with guilt over being born different from those in mainstream society. For years, some official believed being gay was a condition that could be cured through therapy. But what happens in gay conversion therapy?

The above video from VICE goes inside one gay conversion therapy camp for men and reveals the truth.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the concept, conversion therapy is supposed to help gay people turn straight and/or help them overcome their desires. This concept was considered acceptable before the American Psychiatric Association dropped being gay from its list of mental disorders in the early 1970s. Nevertheless,this type of action continued,often being sponsored by religious organizations who saw homosexuality as a sin.

Today, the process is deemed unhealthy by numerous mental health professionals around the world. This VICE report takes you into the “Journey of Manhood” program, where men pay more than $600 to attend. The results were not always positive, while some have reported the program has helped them battle their same-sex attractions.Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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