What Happens to Your Soul After You Die? Here Are Six Theories

1. The Dying Crossover Alone

Numerous hospice workers and family members of the dying report that men, women, and children see their dead friends, family members, and angels prior to leaving their bodies.

In the case of my own mother who died not long ago, she told me she saw my dead father just two days before she took her last breaths. She also had extensive conversations with an unseen force hours before she left her body. The interesting thing about her is that she never believed such a thing was possible. However, she clearly let me know he was in the room with us and that he could even hear what I was saying.

According to medium Amanda Linette Meder, the dying are never alone when they transition. They are greeted and embraced.

This has also been experienced by those who have had near-death experiences. For example, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander was clinically dead and was greeted by a woman he had never met. She showed him around a beautiful place, and told him he had to go back to earth to accomplish many things. Not long after he recovered from his near-death experience, he decided to finally seek out his adopted family, as he was adopted at birth. Upon learning he had a sister, he looked at her photo and discovered that she was the woman who met him during his near-death experience. She had died prior to his reaching out for his family.

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