What Happens to Your Soul After You Die? Here Are Six Theories

2. The Spirit Can Leave the Earth Either Before or After Physical Death

In the case of my mom, I noticed that there was a moment in which her soul completely left her breathing body. Her body constricted about three times, and there was a sort of energy release. From that moment on, her body continued to breath, but she never opened her eyes or communicated with us again.

According to Vedic and other ancient philosophies, there is nothing mysterious about this. The body works as a machine, and the soul is a separate entity. Once the soul decides it’s time to leave, the body’s clock can keep ticking. The heart beats and breathing continues, until it winds down naturally.

I attended a discussion on death and dying at a Vedanta monastery, and the swami explained that the soul drifts out of the body and may stick around for minutes, hours, and even days.

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