What Is the Goal for an MSN Degree Grad?

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When you want to do more in nursing, then you likely are looking at going back to school. You might apply for a BSN-MSN program, for example. A Master of Science in Nursing program is one that a growing number of registered nurses are looking at taking, and you might be one of them. If so, what is the goal for the program? In other words, what can you do with the higher-level degree?

Gaining Knowledge and Skills for Future Work

Throughout a Master of Science in Nursing program, you will gain the experience, skills, and confidence for advanced nursing roles after graduation. These strengths will result from clinical practice and classes, whether they are online or on-campus.

Quality education is not a given, though. Thus, it’s important to choose an MSN program that provides you with the knowledge base to excel in your desired role after graduation. If you’re unsure how to tell which school will provide you with a top-notch education, do your research.

For example, Wilkes University is a top-ranked university by the US News & World Report and was named the best Northeastern College by The Princeton Review. During clinical placements, you can expect to gain more skills than in your undergraduate education.

Go into an Advanced Nursing Role

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A big reason for enrolling in a Master of Science in Nursing program is to have the qualifications for advanced nursing roles. For example, you might work as a research nurse in a healthcare organization that does clinical research.

As you do clinical studies, you would work under a primary investigator. Among your job activities would be to recruit patients, perform assessments, administer treatments, and document the process. Other advanced nursing careers include nurse educator, nurse manager, and nurse administrator.

Having an advanced nursing licensure means that you have the qualifications for those upper-level careers. It means that you will have a more collaborative role than an RN and can provide services to more diverse populations too.

Finding a Great-Paying Job

While money is not the only motivation to choose a career, it certainly needs to play a role in your decision. Making a reasonable income means that you can take trips with your family if you want to and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. You might also choose to save for your child’s college education.

By getting a Master of Science in Nursing degree, you have the academic qualifications to enter more lucrative areas of nursing than you likely could otherwise. As per PayScale, the typical salary of nurses with a master’s degree is $94,000 per year. PayScale also explains that the professionals in those roles rate their job satisfaction as 4 out of 5 or highly satisfied. Liking what you do for work and being paid well to do it makes for a fulfilling career.

Becoming a Mentor

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Another goal of an MSN grad might be to become a mentor to new nurses. The mentorship program can be formal or informal. In this role, you would guide nurses who are beginning their careers to help them become more confident in clinical environments.

By helping others as a mentor, you can gain many benefits yourself. Just as you can help motivate others, they too can do the same for you. Furthermore, mentoring provides you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the field and to practice being an effective leader. In other words, there is the opportunity to gain fulfillment personally and professionally by being a mentor.

To Fulfill a Need

Finally, those who graduate from an MSN program can fill a need for advanced practice nurses in the US. There is a nursing shortage, as per the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). The AACN anticipates that demand growing with the aging Baby Boomer generation who will need to be cared for and veteran nurses reaching retirement age. Furthermore, there is a push for healthcare reform across the nation.

As an MSN graduate, you can fill job vacancies as you have the academic requirements for an advanced nursing professional. Knowing you have job security after graduation can ease your mind as you go through the Master of Science in Nursing program.

Final Words on the MSN Degree Goal

When you earn your nursing degree, you can look forward to reaching the goals listed above. While it takes hard work, it is the pathway to a career that is fulfilling and helps countless people too. As a graduate, you can choose a specialty, earn a competitive salary, and know that you are advancing patient care.

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