Here’s What Marie Kondo Eats Every Day—And What She Feeds Her Kids

By Amy Lamare for Parentology

Marie Kondo is a sensation. From her book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up to her Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, people just can’t get enough.

She has taught people to spark joy in their lives through decluttering and organization. Her KonMari method has changed people’s worlds for the better — so much so that they can’t stop wondering what her home life is like.

With a husband and two young daughters, does Kondo maintain the organized, happy facade at home as well as she does when helping families declutter their homes on her Netflix show? It’s fun to ponder.

One thing we’ve been wondering is does Marie Kondo apply the same concept of sparking joy to her food? What does she eat? What does she feed her kids?

When it comes to the food she eats and feeds her family, Marie Kondo’s affinity (dare we say obsession?) with keeping neat and tidy also extended to the way she eats. In a recent interview with Today, Kondo admitted that she likes to “artfully craft and plate her meals.” She matches the utensils and dishware to the meal she is eating. Of course she does!


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Kondo starts her day with a cup of green, white, or herbal tea. Her typical breakfast is a cup of miso soup and rice—which helps keep her gut healthy. There is no way Kondo allows anything in her world to be out of order, including herself.

Lunch & Dinner

A Japanese Donabe
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For lunch and dinner, Kondo’s favorite meal is Japanese chicken wing soup with steamed rice and a fish called sea bream. This meal is cooked in a donabe—a traditional Japanese clay pot made for high heat cooking. It is great for recipes that only need one pot to make. She finishes dinner off with one glass of amazke, a warm fermented rice drink made from sake. Amazke is sweeter than sake and contains less alcohol.

And Her Kids?

When it comes to her two young daughters Satsuki and Miko, Kondo prepares simple, colorful meals for her kids. She also plates these simply and neatly. She doesn’t just teach the KonMari method, she lives it. Her girls love her raspberry pudding. She also feeds them a complicated Japanese style omelet with salmon. Can you imagine how cute Marie Kondo’s kids’ lunches and lunchboxes are?

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Our finished raspberry pudding is delicious!

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Marie Kondo has taught millions of people to spark joy in tidying up. What sparks joy in her? Not surprisingly, it is her kids. She told Hello Giggles:

“After tidying up from the day, I do yoga with my children in the evening to wind down. I also invest in nice, organic cotton pajamas, indulge frequently in linens, and have an air purification ritual I perform every evening.”

Starting your day with a cup of green tea and food that is gut healthy is a good way to keep your immune and digestive systems fully functioning. Studies have shown that good gut health is linked to improved mood and well-being. Hmm — maybe that is the key to Kondo’s sunny disposition.

There is one thing that seems out of character for Marie Kondo and endears her to us even more. In 2016, she admitted to Good Housekeeping that she has a stuffed seal toy that her father gave her when she was a child. She said:

“So — I have this stuffed seal, it’s very small. It was a gift from my father, and even though I’m an adult, I still keep it on my shelf. It’s something I can’t part with!”

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