What News Anchors Really Do During Commercial Breaks

This is what it looks like to have fun at work. These two news anchors have concocted an elaborate two-minute-long secret handshake that they perform after the station cuts to commercials. Anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have been reporting the news together for years. This long period of time of working in tandem is truly shown in the complexity of the routine that they have perfected together off-air.

These anchors are broadcast on live television as they report on events that are often serious, sad, or sensitive topics. You might expect that these professionals would use the short breaks between segments to refocus themselves or practice the delivery of the next story.

Instead Jordan and Bange choose to get rid of their stage jitters by letting loose with their complicated choreographed routine— in front of the whole studio crew! It manages to fill the entire two minute commercial break, and is complete with sound effects and theme music.

You have to watch the video above to grasp how intricate their secret handshake really is.