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Could This Novel Be the Next ‘Twilight’?

Since the Twilight series recently came to an end, the search for the next hit teen novel is on.
Fortunately, with C.J. Abedi’s first book in the FAE series, there may be no need to look any further.
fae_cover_concepts-5The novel focuses on a sixteen-year-old girl, Caroline Ellis, a smart, savvy young woman who on her 16th birthday discovers an amazing secret: She’s descended from the lost colony of Roanoke, and heir to the throne of the Light Fae. Caroline’s true identity is revealed when she begins a romantic relationship with Devilyn Reilly, a dark, handsome young man who promises to protect Caroline no matter what happens. The only problem is that Devilyn is the only Fae who is both of the Light and Dark, struggling to keep the Dark from overcoming him entirely — leaving us to wonder if he can truly protect our heroine when he, himself, could be her biggest threat.
FAE is a combination of mystery, legends, myths and romance, and it comes from both Caroline and Devilyn’s perspectives.
At the heart of FAE, we have a beautiful love story between two soulmates that can never be,” explains authors C.J. Abedi. That’s right, authors. The series is written by sisters Colet and Jasmine Abedi, who both hold a deep passion for fantasy romance stories. The explain, “We’ve created a mystical world that is ruled by ancient, sacred laws. Readers who appreciate love stories, magic and ancient legends will enjoy this trilogy.”
The inspiration behind the story came from “a general obsession with the legend of Tuatha de Danann, fairies, the concept of dark versus light, and Jasmine’s daughter, Ella,” explains Colet Abedi. “The idea of writing about a tall, dark, handsome, brooding, mysterious lead character had massive appeal as well,” she adds with a smile.
Check out the book’s trailer for the battle between Light and Dark below.

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