What Women Really Think of Men’s Names and Vice Versa

When you hear the name Jake, what do you think?

Do you envision a smart guy? Someone who is funny and has a way with words? Or someone with a really great smile and a body to match?

What about Ethan? Does Ethan sound like a tough guy or do you envision a lovable, nerdy guy who listens to audio books and podcasts in his car instead of music?

Now what about women? What kind of a girl is Samantha or Britney? Has the name Emma always been associated with attractiveness in your mind? Does Maria make you think of a woman of authority?

Similarly, what specific names would you attach to certain personality types? What name do you think of when you think of a party animal, or someone who just generally gets along with everyone? What about those names that you always have an initial negative reaction to?

These were some of the questions the folks over at Buzzfeed asked a handful of women and men, and asked them to share what they thought of  it all. What they had to say was interesting, funny and actually pretty spot-on.

Check out the videos above.