What Pushed This All-American Girl to Commit the Most Unthinkable Crime?

When Jessica Coleman was only 15-years-old, she stabbed and killed her newborn baby boy. The following day, the baby’s father, Tom Truelson, took the baby’s body and threw it down into a quarry that was near town. They didn’t know what else to do, as they had made a pact to keep the pregnancy a secret from everyone around them.

His little body wasn’t found until six months later, when a diver discovered it inside a duffel bag weighed down with rocks. The entire community was shocked that something so horrific could happen. They named him Baby Boy Hope and even gave him a memorial service.

But even after the body was found, Jessica and Tom decided not to come forward.

For the next six years, police searched for the person responsible, but they didn’t have any leads.

It wasn’t until the former cheerleader, honor student, and star athlete ended up confessing what she did to her new boyfriend that her story began unraveling. After someone overheard her conversation, they called the police and turned her in. Her past eventually came back to haunt her.

In the video above, Oprah interviews her from jail, where Jessica recounts what happened that day and explains why she killed her baby.

She ended up spending six years in prison for her baby’s death.