FASCINATING VIDEO: Astronauts Show What Re-Entry Actually Looks Like

Space exploration is incredible— it provides answers and creates new questions about our universe. In a recent segment of NASA TV—from NASA’s official YouTube page—astronauts offer a glimpse from inside the International Space Station and some stunning views of Earth. Most impressively, they show what astronauts actually see upon re-entry into the atmosphere. The entire video is worth the watch, but you can skip to the 12:40 mark to see the re-entry footage.

Astronaut Mike Hopkins captured the first-hand footage from inside the Soyuz space capsule when he returned to Earth in March. While it’s only a few seconds of cosmic blurs as the Soyuz whizzes through space and atmosphere, it is an awe-inspiring glimpse of the universe.

The rest of the video deals with astronauts giving a back-to-front tour, following the length of the space station and orbits over the major landmarks below. The video shows a little bit of what the astronauts get up to from inside the space station—from creating a video link to communicating with loved ones, to answering tweets from fans and running experiments in anti-gravity.

Check it out.