What the Heck Happened on Last Night’s Bachelorette?

Last night was the first of the two-part season premiere of the Bachelorette. The evening was more than a just a little awkward since this season features two bachelorettes for the first time ever.

Both Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe are the bachelorettes this season, but they won’t have to share the title for long. On tonight’s episode the men will choose who they want as their leading lady, and either Britt or Kaitlyn will go home.

With every season premiere of the Bachelor or Bachelorette comes the running list of crazies, and last night’s episode was proof that this season in no exception.

From the guy who got drunk and jumped in the pool, to the guys who show up in the craziest cars we’ve ever seen. We’ve wrapped up the best/most cringe worthy moments and contestants from this season’s Bachelorette thus far.

Casting got a little creative when it came to picking men for the two bachelorettes, who knew someone’s job could be a love man, or healer, or how about a junkyard specialist? There is a whole batch of men with very colorful personalities on this season, and let’s just say they got very imaginative when it came to making their grand entrance.

Where to begin… well there’s the guy who showed up in a cupcake car. Then there is always the guy who drove up in a “carpool” (aka the hot tub car.) Then the guy who went up to Britt first and “connected” with her, then walked over and told Kaitlyn the same thing and “connected” with her…smooth.


cupcake car

Take a look at this season’s Bachelorette contestants and tell us what you think below!