What the Hell Is This Terrifying Creature? And What’s That Stuff Coming Out of Its Head?

We’ve been reading National Geographic and watching science-fiction movies for as long as we can remember, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this! It looks like some kind of parasitic alien intruder.

This terrifying creature is seriously the stuff nightmare are made of. It’s called a ribbon worm, or Nemertea.

Ribbon worms can be found in freshwater, oceans, and also on land. They have been known to swallow their prey whole, cover themselves in slimy mucus to quickly navigate through their terrain, and even split into new worms if severed. There are approximately 1,400 known species of ribbon worms on Earth.

Since this video was posted on YouTube, it has caught the attention of countless mystified Internet users because of the creepy white substance exploding from it’s head.

So, what exactly is that stuff?

According to Wild Singapore:

To capture its prey, the ribbon worm has a unique eversible proboscis at the front end of the body. This is a hollow, muscular structure that can shoot out with explosive force and is prehensile (can be used to grip) and retractable (can be pulled back). The proboscis is usually wound around the prey which is then hauled back toward the worm’s mouth. Sticky mucus is secreted to help grip the prey.

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