What This Heart Surgeon Did to Comfort Terrified 2-Year-Old Patient Will Make You Melt

A small collection of heartwarming images has gone viral this week that show a heart surgeon taking a moment pre-op to comfort a terrified two-year-old patient. The little girl visibly has tears in her eyes, and is snuggled up on the surgeon’s lap as he shows her cartoons on his phone in an effort to calm and reassure her.

The touching image will make any parents grateful for those health care professionals who go the extra mile for their patients.

The picture was originally posted on Reddit with the caption “cardiac surgeon comforts a weeping 2-year-old girl by playing cartoons before her surgery.”

Going into surgery at such a young age would understandably be pretty traumatizing and scary for a toddler, so it is really sweet to see that those who would be trying to save her life also trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible.



Other healthcare professionals have taken to the Reddit thread to share their own experiences in dealing with sick children.

One anesthesiologist commented:

“That picture really hits home for me. It’s really scary for kids to be taken away from their parents and into an OR with a bunch of strangers in scrubs and masks, and it’s a real skill dealing with these kids.”

It is believed that these pictures originated from the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang, China.