What This Very Pregnant Woman Did on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Will Shock You

If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show, you know she opens the show with a fun dance sequel. That’s her thing.

However, the talk show host injured her back a little while ago, which made it difficult for her to break it down in her usual manner.

So, having the super fans she does, she found herself an audience member willing to do the dance for her.

However, it wasn’t just any audience member. This was a very, very heavily pregnant audience member. And she didn’t just move around her hips a little to the music. She took the task very seriously, dancing and bouncing and grooving around harder than we do at the club.

We had no idea you could move like that at such a late stage in your pregnancy – and look damn good doing it too!

It’s almost like the woman didn’t know she had a whole human inside her belly as she dipped down low and moved about, all without losing her balance or seeming restricted at all.

Check it out for yourself above.