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What to Bring to a Festival – The ‘Must Have’ List

Festivals are big business, and you can find one at almost any time of year. Whether it’s spotlighting hot bands, fantastic food, gay pride or even a Renaissance Faire, you need to be armed with the right equipment so that you can maximize your fun and reduce the worry.

Wondering what to bring to a festival? Even if you’re a seasoned pro, this fast, fun checklist will make sure you’re covered. It may even inspire some great new ideas.

Trilipiderm - SPFLineSunscreen
This should be a no-brainer, and yet people always forget it. Our favorite right now is trilipiderm’s Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin D. It’s a natural sunscreen that comes in a 3oz. tube — small enough to easily carry and big enough to cover you and a couple friends. It’s not greasy (some brands feel like you’re slathering on cream cheese) and the best part is it doesn’t have that gross sunscreen smell invading your nose all day long. Get it here.

Good Snacks
You’re having a great time, you don’t want to miss out on the action, but you need to eat. Even if you’re not feeling hungry — you need to eat! It’s the only way to continue having fun, keep your energy up, and not get wiped out.Matt's Munchies All FlavorsJunk food won’t do it — you need some nutritional value — and for that we go to Matt’s Munchies. They are perfectly portioned fruit snacks that fit right into your bag for when the munchies strike. Each one-serving package contains one to two servings of real fruit, plus they’re USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher-Pareve, Non-GMO and Vegan (if any of that matters to you). With fun flavors like mango, mango apricot, ginger (which can sometimes help with nausea), and apple, there are a lot of options. We like the variety pack.

Money Belt

Slimmer than a fanny pack, safer than a purse or pocket, this will hold all the cards and cash you need to make it through the weekend. It keeps everything close, reducing the risk of you losing your money or having a pick pocket take advantage of your drunken state. You can get a lot of different options — like versions that can hold your passport, smart phone and other valuables. The AmazonBasics RFID Travel Money Belt is a real simple version and inexpensive, while the Premium Money Belt (shown above) holds more stuff and is slightly more expensive. Think about what you’ll be doing, how much stuff you really need to carry, and decide from there.

Wear a Cute Hat

The best protection from the sun is a hat, and there are some super cute options for women at Wallaroo Hat Company. (They have hats for guys, but when our editor wore one around the office we couldn’t stop snickering.)

Their ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) is rated 50+, and they block out 97.5% of the sun’s harmful rays. They offer everything from cowboy styles to fedoras, large brimmed-hats, visors and more, so you have options to fit whatever outfit your wearing for that day out.

Bra or Belly Flask
Some festivals only serve beer and wine. Some don’t serve alcohol at all. Some charge too much. Some of you are just boozers.


Whatever the case, The WineRack is a comfortable sports bra with polyurathane bladder that can hold 25 ounces of your favorite beverage. It has a long drinking tube with an on/off switch so that your friends don’t look like they’re breast feeding every time they take a sip (assuming you’re sharing, of course). The bra itself is machine washable and the bladder you wash by hand. It may also make your chest look bigger. Get it here.


The BeerBelly is the same concept for guys. It includes bladder and adjustable neoprene sling with custom-shaped pouch that holds up to 80 ounces of any hot or cold beverage. The downside is that it’s only believable looking when worn under a shirt, and that could be uncomfortable. So drink up fast.

GoPong Hidden Lotion FlaskLotion Flash
Don’t want to drink from someone’s bra or belly? (The beverage could get a little too warm if you didn’t drink right away), then try the GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask. They look like lotions for your purse or fanny pack, but they can store a little something extra inside — like vodka for that cranberry juice you buy at the bar. They also come with a funnel for easy filling. Good times.

Athletic Body Wipes by ShowerPillShower Wipes
Let’s face it: You’re outside, probably sweaty, and you may smell like patchouli from that hippy girl who insisted on hugging you an hour ago. Never fear, because there are portable shower wipes to cleanse the day away — at least until you can get to a place with a real shower.

The Athletic Body Wipes by ShowerPill are thick like a washcloth and give a really good wipe down. They don’t leave a sticky residue, are proven to kill 99.99% of germs, and have been infused with aloe vera and vitamin E so you don’t totally dry out the skin. These wipes use an FDA-approved formulation, and are both alcohol free and paraben free. They’re even made in the USA, which is pretty cool. Wipe away!

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