What to Do If You’re in a Carjacking

You see it on the evening news all the time: a person or people trying to evade police in a high-speed car chase. These incidents often end with the suspects losing control of their vehicle and crashing — often times into the cars of innocent people on the road.

But the situation doesn’t always end there. Recently there was a man who pulled a gun and began shooting at passing cars in an attempt to steal one and continue fleeing. In another post, a mother in a minivan got out of her car the physically took the carjacker down. In both cases the situations turned out okay, but that’s not always the case.

When you’ve seen these incidents on TV, have you ever wondered what to do in a carjacking if it ends up surrounding you?

Inside Edition took on that question, and they prepared the video above with some smart, helpful tips.They describe the situation like this:

One of the wildest high speed police chases was caught on video in Los Angeles with the armed fugitive hijacking multiple vehicles. But what should you do if you’re faced with a similar situation? Security expert Jeff Zisner revealed how to foil a hijacker.

Check out the video above and arm yourself with information that could save your life.