What Top Executives Fear Most

According to a recent Robert Half survey, the greatest concern for employers is the loss of their most valuable employees.

The world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm randomly surveyed 2,100 CFOs in 20 of the largest U.S. markets and discovered that their top three worries include:

  • Retaining valuable staff members – 38 percent
  • Maintaining staff productivity – 27 percent
  • Recruiting new top performers – 13 percent

“Though general unemployment levels remain high, professionals with specialized skills have more opportunities available to them, which has led to talent shortages in some areas and made replacing valuable employees even more difficult” said Paul McDonald, Robert Half senior executive director.

For organizations seeking to retain their most valuable talent, Robert Half offers the following tips:

1. Keep an open-door policy: Provide employees the power to share their thoughts and concerns. One of the top reasons employees leave their jobs surrounds their frustrations with management. Managers should take every opportunity to build excellent work relationships with their employees.

2. Promote from within: Offer growth opportunities to the workforce. Employees are far more loyal and hardworking when they are given opportunities for advancement. Regular performance reviews and discussions on how an individual can move up in the organization are powerful motivators.

3. Provide competitive compensation: Money is a powerful motivator in today’s economy. It is best practice to offer salaries and benefits at or slightly above market rates.

4. Recognize outstanding work: Employees like to be commended for a job well-done. A simple “thank you,” or even a small bonus or perk can speak volumes for how much an organization values its employees.

 5. Offer professional development opportunities. Training programs are an excellent incentive and tend to boost productivity. Investing in an employee’s future reveals a commitment to his or her longevity with a firm.

To learn more about Robert Half’s survey, click here.