Think You Know What It Means to Be Loved Completely? This Video Will Shatter Your Beliefs

Do couples grow more distant or closer after a tragedy? For Kelcie and Larry, life’s struggles proved just how strong the force of true love can be.

Their love story is one of the most remarkable things we have ever seen.

Often times, a brain injury devastates relationships. Spouses are forced to take on many of the injured person’s responsibilities, as well as cope with their new personality traits and limitations, which include challenges in communication and simple everyday tasks. Two people lose their sense of togetherness in many ways.

It has been estimated that about 90 percent of couples divorce after a traumatic brain injury. But after Larry survived getting hit by a drunk driver, Kelcie wasn’t about to let their relationship become another statistic.

This is what true love looks like. This is it means to love someone completely without condition, whether it’s a spouse, family member or friend.

We couldn’t help but get all emotional watching this video. Make sure to have some tissues on hand before you press play.