What Your Food Choices Say About Your Political Stance

What are you going to be munching down on November 6th, as you anticipate the results of this presidential election?

If a recent data gathering effort from the digital agency, Engage, is of any indication liberals might be gulping down Jamba Juice drinks, while those who lean far right may dine on a plate from Cracker Barrel instead.

Buzzfeed Politics teamed up with Engage to compile data about people’s preferences – food and drinks, TV, books, movies and games – and link them to their political leanings.

“Whether you support Obama or Romney, that support is more often than not a manifestation of where you live, what you watch and where you fit in culturally,” said Patrick Ruffini, president of Engage. “This is where we think other attempts to ‘match’ you to candidates based on issue quizzes go wrong. Voters don’t necessarily behave rationally. We think the subcultures you inhabit say an awful lot about your politics.”

So they tied in those subcultures with politics using their app, Trendsetter. By gathering polling data from thousands of users and cross-referencing it with social influence data and Facebook Page “likes,” the app helped to map the politics of people on the web. Engage and Buzzfeed have revelaed the first two of the resulting 12 infographs: food chains and food brands.

So while those who sit in the middle of the political spectrum might just grab some Burger King on their way home from the polling places next Tuesday, Romney supporters might make a trip to Arby’s and those hoping the current president stays in office will order Chipotle to go with that Jamba.

What about you? Click on the image below to see where your food chain and brand preferences line up.