What’s So Special About a $330,000 Hamburger?

Cows and vegetarians everywhere may be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

After years of research and about $330,000 later, scientists have created a burger made from stem cells.

The hamburger was cooked in front of reporters and taste-tested by food writer Josh Schonwald and food researcher Hanni Rutzler.

Although she added that it needed some seasoning, Rutzler said, “There is quite some intense flavor. The look was quite similar to meat. The surface of the meat was crunchy- surprisingly. The taste itself was as juicy as meat can be, but different.”

The meat was made from cow muscle cells and seasoned with salt, egg powder, breadcrumbs, red beet juice, and saffron.

PETA, the well-known animal rights group, has spoken out about this product. But, much to some people’s surprise, they are supporting this new way of satisfying a carnivorous craving. Why is that?

“As long as there’s anybody who’s willing to kill a chicken, a cow, or a pig to make their meal, we are all for this,” said Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s president and co-founder. “Instead of the millions and billions (of animals) being slaughtered now, we could just clone a few cells to make burgers or chops.”

(Burger Made from Stem Cells – Lead Image: iStock)