Men Are Opening Up About Being Raped by Women on a Secret App

There’s now an app called “Whisper” which aims to get men to share their stories with one another about being raped. It all began with one anonymous user revealing his heartbreaking story, insisting that “it happens,” something that many people don’t believe is possible.

It’s true that in our society we often assume rape doesn’t happen to men, especially not at the hands of a woman, but this amazing app is proving us wrong — or it’s trying to.

After scores of men praised the first writer for sharing such intimate information others began to tell their stories too. And the stories keep coming.

The men writing on the Whisper app are brave for speaking out about male rape, which is rarely discussed in any forum. However, female survivors have questioned whether male rape is equally traumatic for men as it is for women.

This debate started after an anonymous Whisper user wrote:

‘Last week I openly announced my rape that occurred two years ago. I’m a male. My attacker was female. It does happen.’

Almost immediately, he received more than 245 replies and had been liked more than 1665 times.

Soon, other men shared how they too had also been victims. They revealed stories about gang rape at the hands of women, about being drugged and even date raped. Sound familiar? Most shockingly, one app user told a story about his ex had giving him MDMA (Molly) before raping him.

What remains controversial is the physical aspect of men getting raped. The most common question is, How do you maintain an erection if you don’t want to have sex. The answer is not so simple, but users were quick to explain that “we have no control” over our bodies.

There are, of course, the doubters who don’t believe male rape is at all possible no matter what these guys say. “Okay, let’s be real,” one woman wrote. “Unless you’re tied down or something, it’s like that you could have escaped.” Another female said. “I couldn’t imagine it hurting like it does when a man rapes a woman,” she said. “But I am sorry.”

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