White Father Gets Revenge on Racist Family for Bullying His Daughter

One Minnesota father used YouTube to speak out against bullying, addressing two bullies who sent her hateful, racist messages to his African-American daughter through Snapchat.

The emotional father, Brad Knudson, says his adopted daughter received the disturbing messages from twins who are freshmen at a nearby school. When they kept sending the abusive messages despite being asked to stop, he and his wife recorded one of them on another phone. The message shows the two teens ridiculing the daughter with various slurs including the N word.

According to the video which has recently gone viral, Knudson confronted the bullies and their father, who insisted what his children had done was nothing to act upon. Knudson plays two hateful voicemails that the father left on his phone, wherein the father called Knudson a “n***er lover” and a “f*g,” among other things.

“So I called him back,” Knudson says. “And I said, ‘Well yeah, that’s a correct statement. I am an N lover because I have a beautiful African American daughter who I love more than life itself and would do anything for her’ and said a few more choice words to him and hung up on him.”

Police stationed at Prior Lake High School spoke to the bullies and their parents about the incident. Nothing changed however, and Knudson decided to make the issue public, and in doing so brought justice upon the bullies and their father.

The local FOX affiliate reports the bullies’ father was fired from his job two days after this video was posted online. The bullies and his father reportedly apologized for the whole incident too.

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