White Man Claims He’s Turning Black After He Receives Organ Transplant from African-American

A white Russian man claims to be “turning black” after he received a new liver from an African-American donor. Semen Gendler, who is 65 years old, is saying that his skin started turning black after the operation, the Mirror reported. He has even released photos that claim to show before and after images of his alleged transformation.

white man turns black

The story has gone viral online, although the veracity of the facts and sources are somewhat questionable.

Gendler allegedly arranged to travel to the United States to receive medical treatment there—he had been diagnosed with hepatitis C and cancer. Although it is not known what type of cancer he has, it is reported that Gendler was left in dire need of a new liver.

The story seems almost too fantastical to believe, but Gendler apparently claims to do a lot of business in the United States and reportedly lives in New York part-time.

He told media outlets that he would have had to wait too long to find a donor in Russia.

He said he received a liver from a 38-year-old black donor, but didn’t notice any major changes until a co-worker made a comment about his skin color changing.

Gendler says he avoids the sun and never tans, and considers the transplant to be the only possible explanation for his changing visage.

Is this even possible, or just another bizarre internet hoax?