Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed Man Gets 10 Surgeries to Look Asian, Totally Nails It

Most of us have altered our looks in one way or another at some point. Whether it’s contouring with makeup, wearing our hair in a completely new way or even getting a whole new wardrobe, most everybody has gone to some length for the sake of a different appearance.

But have you ever considered undergoing 10 operations worth over $3000 to change your appearance to look like someone of a completely different race and nationality?

That‘s what a 25-year-old Brazilian with blue eyes and blond hair recently did to achieve an Asian look.

Xiahn Nishi, who was once known by his birth name Max, fell in love with with K-pop, Korean drama and the overall culture while studying abroad at Dongseo University in South Korea for a year. With a deep desire to look like the locals by whom he was surrounded, and a belief that “you have only this life [and] have to be who you want to be,” he set out to make the transformation.

Talking to Brazilian newspaper Zero Hora, he explained “I put my fingers inside the eye and pulled. That was the way I wanted to have my eyes.”

It took him 10 surgeries, two dark eye contacts and brown hair dye, to achieve his look of choice — and while we’ve all seen examples of plastic surgeries gone bad, Nishi’s is remarkably natural looking. And we’re not the only ones who are impressed with the results as Nishi has thousands of ‘likes’ on his Facebook page.

One caveat: The look is only semi-permanent. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, although the corners of Nishi’s eyes were closed up with surgery, the volume around his lids is due to hyaluronic acid, a chemical that will only last two years before his eyes return to their original shape. Nishi hasn’t yet reached a decision whether he will repeat the injections once that happens.

But for now, he is satisfied with where he is right now, saying “I’ve always been shy but now I’m more happy, more confident with myself.”

Check out the “white to Asian surgery” transformation in the slideshow above.

Images sourced from Daily Mail & Sydney Morning Herald

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