Whole Neighborhood Comes Together to Give Terminally Ill Dad an Early Christmas

We couldn’t get through this story without shedding a ton of tears.

When Frank Henderson, a father of five, was diagnosed with cancer after going into the hospital with minimal symptoms of stomach pains, it came as a complete shock to everyone, reports Unilad.

As a way to deal with the news, the 60-year-old decided to create a bucketlist of items that he wanted to experience, including seeing Christmas early since he was told he may not live till December.

He can now check that off the list because his whole neighborhood stood together in an amazing act of love and kindness. Without even telling him, they started hanging up string after string of Christmas lights outside his Shorline, WA home.

His daughter Thea told reporters “It’s really more about the Christmas lights, because my dad’s kind of a nut-job when it comes to that. Loves them to pieces. It’s insane. There was a string of lights, and then, the next day, neighbors just kept putting them up.”

In addition to seeing Christmas before leaving, he also got to have a ‘first dance’ with his daughter during a make-believe wedding, since he may not be there when she does get married in the future.

Frank has also made special video tapes for each of his children in preparation for when the time for him to say goodbye comes.

This heartbreaking story is a reminder to cherish the ones you love while they are still here.

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