WATCH: Why Dabbing or Blasting Marijuana is Dangerous

You may or may not have heard of dabbing. You may have even tried it yourself. The stuff looks like honeycombs or earwax, and it burns fast and furiously.

Dabbing uses what’s called butane hash oil. The THC (what gets people stoned in any marijuana product) is extremely concentrated in the butane oil. People have suffered major burns by making the dab and also by smoking it. Some have experienced explosions and wounds that’ll never quite heal without bad scars.

“Because butane hash oil production is uncomplicated, requires few resources, and is the subject of countless instructional videos on social media Web sites, recreational users have created (it) at home in a process colloquially called ‘blasting’,” explained¬†John Stogner of the University of North Carolina and Bryan Lee Miller of Georgia Southern University. These two men were writing this in the journal Pediatrics, pleading with pediatricians to warn kids about this new and destructive way of using cannabis.

“Blasting involves passing butane through a steel or glass tube packed with dried cannabis trimmings,” they added.¬†“Because butane is very volatile, it evaporates (or is purged within a vacuum oven), leaving crystalized resins that can have a THC concentration approaching 80 percent.The process of creating these products is extremely dangerous because butane is flammable and volatile, and a number of fires, explosions, and severe burns have been attributed to home blasting.”

The major problem seems to be in creating the dab rather than just smoking it, but the topic altogether is leaving many pot smokers concerned.