Why Did This Mother Duct-Tape Her Babies & Post Photos Online?

When the photo of two babies duct-taped at the mouth and hands went viral, Tennessee police got involved. Not only do the kids look like they are suffering, there is a wholly inappropriate caption under the image, which reads, “”Kids for Sale, 45% off because they bad.”

Was this mother serious or was she kidding?

State departments and the Memphis, Tennessee police have begun a full-scale investigation into the case. They all say there are tears in the older child’s eyes, proving that this photo was not taken as a joke the children were in on.

Even though parents and neighbors of the unnamed mother are disturbed and angry at the photo, the mom’s cousin, Derion King, took to social media to defend her cousin. She called the photo “a joke at the moment that people just went overboard about.”

What do you think? Is this a funny joke or cruel abuse?

One woman duct-taped her babies with an evil caption on it.

Later she claimed it was a joke. 

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