Why Do Balloons Do This? [VIDEO]

Who knew science could be so fun and cute?

That’s what we realized after watching Destin on his YouTube science channel called Smarter Every Day. We’re told that Destin is a rocket scientist in Alabama, and he knows how to make science more fun than watching old episodes of Mr. Wizard’s World while buzzed. Destin takes basic concepts or ideas — why cats always land on their feet, or how Houdini died (shown in slow motion) — and presents them in a way that is fun and super interesting. It’s probably the most accessible science class we’ve ever witnessed, and this new video about balloons is just as fascinating.

In this case, he looks at why balloons react so strangely when in a car, as opposed to other objects which seem to follow the laws of physics. Why do balloons float away? We know that answer. When filled with helium, which is lighter than air, they rise up. But when placed in a moving car, how is it that balloons can seemingly break the laws of physics? Using his two children as lab assistants, Destin takes the task on the road and in three fast minutes gives you a really entertaining lesson you won’t forget.

After the lesson is done, Destin shows a very short commercial, and with his kids not knowing what’s going on, it may be one of the cutest things we’ve seen all week.

Check it out, and be amazed.