Why Men Should Never Use Women’s Shampoo

Men, listen up: The next time you’re about to reach for your wife’s shampoo in the shower, you might want to reconsider.

A new ad from Dove Brazil has a warning for you: All that lathering up with those peony and lily-scented suds is making you look like a woman.

More specifically, a woman in a shampoo commercial with the wind blowing in her hair while she shows off her shiny strands in slow motion.

Instead switch to a product made specifically for you. For example: Dove’s shampoo for men! If the marketing minds behind this silly commercial are successful, then that’s the shampoo you’ll reach for the next time you suds up.

Pretty outrageous? Yes – but also, really hilarious. Check out the commercial — which according to Brand Republic was the third most shared ad this week — above.