Why Seed Banks Are Necessary?

Species go extinct due to natural and manmade disasters. Such influences cannot be ignored. They can pose a serious threat to our planet where we might lose some plant species forever. With drastic variations in the climate over the years, many crops could have been on verge of extinction. All thanks to seed banks from around the world for having stored seeds in case a crop is completely wiped off from the planet. Seeds stored in the seed banks can be retrieved at any time when the crops disappear.

How Do They Work?

Seeds are stored in seed banks under low temperatures which keep the seeds dormant. They stay in the same state until they are needed for planting. Seed banks provide all the essential conditions for the longevity of seeds. It’s relatively easy to store the plants in their seed form. They require minimum space in this way and thousands of them can be stored at one time.

Benefits of Seed Banks

Crop diversity

This is one of the most important reasons why seeds are stored. Just like mammals are adapted to different conditions for living, so are plants too. Distinct types of same species exist due to adaptive nature. So it is essential that crop diversity should be maintained.

Protection from natural and man-made disasters

Complete annihilation of a crop could result from a natural or man-made disaster. In such circumstances, seed banks provide seeds that could be planted thus bringing the crop back to life. Countries that are engaged in the war most of the year make it a very daunting process for farmers to continue agriculture and it’s very easy for the crops to disappear. With seed banks, this is not a problem anymore.

Material for research

Seed banks provide material for research to scientists to have a better examination of seed. Experts are always looking for ways to increase the yield. Researchers who wish to study seeds can demand them. This could increase crop production significantly.

Danger of disease

Being highly contagious, crop diseases can prove to be very deadly for plants. Where diseases have invaded crops and left no traces, seed banks could play a major role in there for resurrecting the plant back to life.

 Planning to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

If you are planning to buy marijuana seeds online, there are certain things you should consider first. Make sure that the seed bank is licensed and has good reviews. Going through the reviews will help you a lot in making the right decision.  Not every seed bank has high quality genetic, so you don’t want to shop your seeds anywhere. Look for a seed bank that has all traits of marijuana seeds to ensure that you get the desired ones. You can get the best marijuana seeds online from the most reputed seed bank by just one click. Search “marijuana seeds Australia” and get your hands on the seeds with maximum yields.

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