Why’d This College Student Kill Himself After DEA Raided His Dorm Room? His Heartbroken Mother Tells the Story

Cody Zuccari was a young, bright college student in his second year at the University of Florida. He committed suicide on April 22, 2011.

The young man, from Pembroke Pines, Florida, had fallen into deep depression after he was charged with drug manufacturing and trafficking. The DEA had raided his dorm room under the suspicion that his roommate was selling drugs. However, it was Zuccari that was charged with four felonies for making DMT and mushrooms, which he claims were for personal use only.

Instead of facing serious jail time for his offenses, Zuccari whose to commit suicide.

In the video above, his mother reveals her son’s decision to choose suicide and shares the letter he left behind for his family.

Zuccari described being caught with drugs as “something I thought myself and my family were completely safe from.”

You’ll be floored when you hear what he wrote in his suicide note.