Wife Arrested After Horrific Scene Discovered in Home with Paraplegic Husband

When officials got an emergency call to go to an apartment where a man was having trouble breathing they discovered something they never thought they would. Dormanica Lawson is in custody and being charged with three counts of abuse, according to PEOPLE.

Lawson called for medical help at 3:30 a.m. after realizing her paraplegic husband, Mark Fulgham was having trouble breathing. However, when Fulgham arrived at the hospital the nurses found him to be covered in maggots and bedsores.

Aside from taking care of her husband, Lawson was also responsible for her 19-year-old son with autism and her 11-year-old son. After an investigation, police found that the family’s apartment was infested with cockroaches, maggots and flies, and that both children were not taken care of.

A day after arriving at the hospital it was reported that Fulgham died. Lawson is still in custody.