Wife Caught Cheating While Sitting Next to Husband at a Baseball Game

Two women were taking in an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field when the realized the married woman in front of them was up to some sneaky business. The woman was seated next to a man who was clearly her husband, but was sending texts throughout the whole game to someone named “Nancy”. The fans behind her quickly realized that “Nancy” was actually a man named Mark, who was apparently sexting back and forth with the married woman.

Delana Hinson and her friend said they felt it was their duty to intervene.

They snapped some photos of the incriminating texts over the woman’s shoulder, and penned a note to her husband.

The not reads:

“Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! It’s really a man named Mark Allen. There is pictures on my phone if she has deleted the messages.

Sorry, just thought you should know!”

Hinson and her friend posted pictures of the note and messages to social media, which has since gone viral online.

The ladies say they handed the woman’s husband the note at the end of the game, and he messaged them later asking for the incriminating photos of the texts.