Wife Files for Divorce After Husband Refuses to Give Up Disabled Baby

According to Unicef, the Armenian society doesn’t have much awareness with the treatment of disabled people. Many children born with disabilities in the country are institutionalized at birth.

So when Samuel Forrest, a native New Zealander, welcomed his son Leo in late January and his wife gave told him to give up the child, who was born with Down Syndrome, Forrest refused. His wife gave him an ultimate and then filed for divorce when the father decided to keep the child in his own care.

Without the wife’s support, he decided it would be best for the child and dad to go back to New Zealand, where he could find better care for Leo and set up a crowd funding program to help him get back. His initial target of $60,000 was not only reached, but exceeded to more than $200,000 from people all over the world.

Not only are dad and Leo going back home, but the extra money will be used to help fund Armenian facilities and programs that support parents with disabled children.

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