Wife Scaring Husband Videos Are the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Week

There’s just something really funny about seeing a big man scream like a little girl when he’s scared.

That’s the understanding we came to after watching this video from Rumble — which was posted recently and has gone viral over night. The premise is simple enough, and there are probably a lot of couples out there who can appreciate it. A wife in Australia has a great time scaring her husband; so much fun, in fact, that she filmed his many scares and put them together in the following video.

Here’s the “wife scaring husband” video description:

Maiya in Queensland, Australia has put together a compilation of herself constantly scaring the death out of her husband Walter. Check out these hilarious hide-and-seek clips that will definitely make you feel sorry for him!

It’s rapid fire, silly, and pretty stupid, but we couldn’t help but laugh along with Maiya every time Walter screams.

Why do we love watching people get scared? Is it because we hate having it done to ourselves, or because it’s just funny watching someone lose it?